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Date Night with the Professor January 23, 2010

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Tonight was a Date Night for me.  My date got to choose; we saw the chipmunk movie and went to “The Calcium King” (that’s what Racer and I call it when we want to decide in front of the kids if we want to go there or not).  As you might have guessed, my date was my 8-year-old Professor. 

For Christmas, Racer and I gave our two oldest kids gift certificates for time out with just mom or dad – alone.  Sometimes I think they get jipped when it comes to time with us.  So today, Professor turned his “date night” card into me and we went out.  It was so sweet too.  Of course I paid (after all, he doesn’t have a job as he put it) and he held open the door.  Seriously, my 8-year-old held the door for me.  We got popcorn, drinks and candy.  I chuckled; he laughed.  We shared.  He was so tired, but didn’t really want to fall asleep in the car.  We went for ice cream because that was the plan and I don’t think Professor wanted to alter his plan or miss out on the ice cream.  He looked at me with sleepy, tummy filled, loving eyes and said…

I like you.

I loved hearing him say that.  I think love is just assumed between a parent and child.  Love is something that is just there – a given that will never change.  We just know that we love each other – almost like just knowing that there will be hot lunch available at school.  Parent/child love just is…

But liking the other is another matter all together.  We may know that hot lunch will be at school, but whether we like what is served is another matter all together.  I like that my kid likes me.  I like to hear my Professor say “I like you Mommy” with all the love that is in  his heart.  I will treasure those words.

I like you, my Absent-minded Professor.  You are my favorite Professor in the whole wide world.


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