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Green Eggs and Ham September 29, 2010

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This week, Girlie has been learning about the letter E.  Our theme was elephants.  Math was the number eight and the concept empty.  Science was about eggs.  Social Studies looked at train engines.  And because I LOVE Dr. Seuss, we of course HAD to read Green Eggs and Ham

This is a classic Dr. Seuss book and one that I’ve read with all of my children.  When we read it, we talked about how our family cooks eggs (boiled and scrambled), and whether or not we’d eat them “in a box or with a fox.”

So what do you think we had for dinner?  That’s right…


I learned that food coloring makes scrambled eggs just a little longer to cook, that it takes a dozen eggs to make enough for our family, and that everyone (including Racer) tried and liked the green eggs.  I didn’t want to mess with coloring the ham too. 

Girlie had fun connecting the book with something in real life.  Professor enjoyed the meal too – he even helped “stage” the picture.  I hope this is a memory that we all have for a long time. 

I need some new ideas for book/meal combos.  Anyone have one that you’ve made and will share with us?


One Response to “Green Eggs and Ham”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I had some green eggs a couple weeks ago. When I visited my sister she sent me home with some farm fresh eggs straight from her hens. Yep, some chickens lay green eggs, and some of the eggs were brown, some white, and some speckled. They are all the same on the inside, though!

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