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Gorilla School October 20, 2010

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I was going to blog about our “school at home” shenanigans with Girlie and all about the letter F from last week.  I even took pictures.  Went to upload them and they have disappeared…  Lost in the deep dark recessed of my hard drive somewhere…  Anyway, instead, I thought I’d share about Gorilla’s adventures in “school.”

I don’t really “plan” anything for Gorilla to do.  I have some extra sheets that I print out so he can participate with us.  Some of the easier stuff that Girlie can do easily, coloring pages, matching pages – I have them on hand for when Gorilla wants to participate with us.  He likes to use markers and finds great joy in taking off and replacing the caps on them!  Learning fine motor skills at its best.  I “teach” him colors and letters as he is interested and he loves the letters “A” and “E.”  I’ve noticed his vocabulary expanding, but I’m sure that’s more from natural development than anything extra we’re doing in school. 

What Gorilla REALLY likes to do – other than use markers – is sticker.  He calls them “ticky.”  I peel the stickers off and he puts them on the page exactly where HE wants to put them.  And watch out if the sticker gets folded over and stuck on itself!  That sticker is no good and Gorilla will NOT use it!  Weird. 

Anyway, as Girlie and I were working on tracing/writing the letter Ff, Gorilla and I traced some straight lines and then he got to use markers and sticker his page.  I didn’t pay much attention to the stickering.  I’d just pull off a few stickers onto my fingers and hold them out for him while working with Girlie.  After we were all done with school time for the day and I was cleaning up, this is what I saw:

You may not see anything significant at first, but look closer…  At the beginning and end of each tracing line, there was a circle/star to mark the start/end of the tracing.  Gorilla put a sticker on each circle/star (with the exception of one).  Also, he placed each sticker (with the exception of one) on a line.  I didn’t “instruct” that.  I didn’t “teach” that.  Gorilla did that on his own. 

Maybe I’m just a proud mom and there is nothing at all significant about this particular accomplishment.  I think, however, for 22 months old, that’s pretty darn AMAZING!!!  (And yes, I’m bragging on my child.)

So, I decided to give Gorilla his own blog post to show off his amazing, gifted, uber-advanced skills!  I’d love to hear about a wonderful moment when you were surprised by a skill your child had too!


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