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Coke Sale at Food Lion January 22, 2011

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This is really a random post, but since I try to pass my bargains on to others, I’m sharing this deal. It’s a huge deal since Racer is such a big Coke drinker.

Right now at Food Lion, there is a deal on Coke and Kraft products.  Buy 5 Coke or Kraft products, use your MVP card and get an automatic $5 off at the register. Coke 12-packs are on sale for $3 each. Buy 5 of them for $15, get the $5 off at the register and you end up with Coke for about $0.17 a can. Not too bad. If you recycle, you could even recoup some of that cost. 2-litres are also on sale – 4 for $5 – so if you buy 5 of them, you’d only pay $1.25 for the five bottles. 

Since you have to use your MVP card, I think you can only get the deal one time per day. Good news is though, the sale runs through the 25th, so we have a few more days to stock up!

I hope you can find a good Coke deal near you!


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