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Weight Loss Wednesday – Week 3 February 2, 2011

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It’s another Wednesday, thus another week to share my journey with you. Not that it’s a long, momentous journey like those featured in television shows and magazines. For me, however, weight loss seems to be complicated. I have a love affair with food and I’m trying to figure it out. I need to release this hold that food has on me. I’m not sure how it got there, but it’s there and it’s not necessarily healthy. I eat healthy stuff, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the stuff that nobody sees me eat that is often the problem.

It’s not been the greatest week. I made Rice Krispie Treats AND chocolate chip cookies. Why? Well, one was supposed to be as a treat for Blue for working hard during her semester finals. The other? Well, just because I wanted them. I also did too much late night snacking. Racer was great and refused to get the snack for me and in they discussion I used the phrase “I don’t care.” Do I really NOT care? What it comes down to is wanting what I want when I want it. Typing that made it seem really selfish.

So is my love affair with food just really my selfishness in action?

Here is how I did on my goals:

  1. Incorporate a fresh fruit or vegetable for each meal – There were a couple of meals that we didn’t have fresh, but we did have frozen. Mostly our fresh stuff has been fruit. 
  2. Use more seasonings to make meals more interesting – I actually don’t remember how I did here.
  3. Eat breakfast every day, cereal no more than 3 times a week – Done, but a couple of days included a McDonald’s bacon, egg and cheese biscuit.
  4. Use Wii Fit at least 3 times a week – Nope. I did, however, get some yoga dvd’s from the library and used one of them 3 times. I will probably be modifying this goal.
  5. Don’t eat after 9pm – Nope. I snacked after 9 on at least 3 occasions.
  6. Try at least one new recipe each week – I don’t remember this one either, so I guess that means I didn’t.
  7. Walk down the lane with a family member at least one time per week – We took a family walk on Sunday afternoon.
  8. Drink at least 2 big blue glasses of water a day. – Done.

The bad eating did me in this week. I feel sore from the yoga, so I know that something was happening there. Anyway, here are the numbers:

  • Starting weight:  204.4
  • Initial goal weight:  150
  • Current weight:  201.8 (same as last week, at least I didn’t gain.)

So, how have you been doing? What successes have you had lately?


2 Responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday – Week 3”

  1. Reen Says:

    I’m determined and getting closer and better at not eating after 8pm, not snacking between meals, and drinking more water.
    I’ve been encouraged by watching
    and highly recommend it!
    Thanks for being so transparent, Kris!

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