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Weight Loss Wednesday – Weeks 17 and 18 May 18, 2011

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Well, the gain I’ve been expecting came. I’ve been lazy. To be honest, I haven’t even tried. I’ve eaten ice cream out twice in the last week, Mother’s Day and my wedding anniversary came with chocolate and eating out. And it’s been very rainy. I’m not giving excuses. I just haven’t cared. Which makes me wonder if I’ve even learned anything this whole time.

I thought I learned a few things during Lent. But then I finished that “task.” I suppose making healthier choices shouldn’t be considered a task though should it? The think is, I really do enjoy food. I have a massive sweet tooth though, and THAT is what gets me in trouble. The sweet tooth and the lack of exercise. I was hoping that with the warmer weather I’d be more motivated.

Nope. Still a slug.

And just thinking about packing all the kids up to go walk at the park exhausts me. I know that doing so instills good habits in them now, but still, I get tired thinking about it.

So, I’m skipping the goals this week. I’ll tell you though, I did fine on the cereal goal (I made muffins several mornings), and came close on my water drinking goal.

Here are the numbers:

  • Starting weight:  204.4
  • Initial goal weight:  150
  • Current weight:  184.6 (gained 2 lbs.)

Anyone got tips on how to maintain motivation?


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