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A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband – Part 3 August 10, 2015

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I picked up this fun little story/cookbook again.

1000 Ways0001

I still love the idea of it and the history behind it. And since Racer and I have a goal to invite people over for dinner more often, it’s a fun project to start again!

Intro Post

Part 1

Part 2

“Let’s have someone over for dinner!”

“Sounds like a great idea!”

I invited a colleague and his wife over for dinner and Girlie and I set about the preparations.

“Mommy, what did you like to cook most with Grandma?” “Ummmmm… this tastes good!” “What’s a white sauce?”

The dinner prep was done and extra ground beef was ready for later in the week. Everything was made from scratch! All that was left was prepping dessert and getting the table ready. Of course a little Candyland and vacuuming were also in the mix!

The table was set with the good dishes (can you even have those with kids around?). And we were ready for our guests!

It’s an interesting thing to serve guests something you’ve never made before. They asked what they could bring and I replied “Grace for untested recipes and good Scrabble words!” They brought both. The conversation was good, the kids we relatively well-behaved and food was decent. The Scrabble game was fun too! It’s nice to just hang out with friends. We tried not to “talk shop” but it happens. But good conversation is good for the soul.

Best comment of the night happened after our guests left. Racer says. “I like him. He wears socks with his sandals!”

Menu: Boubons (like a mini meatloaf) with tomato sauce, Potatoes Anna (like scalloped potatoes with hard-boiled egg mixed in), Stuffed Green Peppers (my first time making them), Baked Cottage Pudding with Lemon Sauce (like a cake with lemon drizzle)


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