The Missing Voice(es)

In a world of loud voices, it’s hard to hear that one that isn’t speaking. People post anything on social media. People rant on the media. People blog their opinions. A lot of voices are pushing their way to the front of our hearing. But sometimes, if we look closely, we’ll see that important voicesContinue reading “The Missing Voice(es)”

Ministry Lessons from Big Roo

I have chickens and roosters. It kind of started by accident. Our neighbor had them and then they moved and we took care of them. Then we adopted them. Then we lost some. And by then I was hooked and needed more. Then we lost some more. Then I adopted more from a friend… Well,Continue reading “Ministry Lessons from Big Roo”


Sometimes, I don’t want to talk with people. Sometimes, I just want to study, plan and write without interruption or conversation or distraction. Sometimes, I just want to NOT be bothered. Today, that didn’t happen. Today, I met a friend for coffee and conversation. I always enjoy our conversations (and actually wanted to have thisContinue reading “Sometimes…”

Without a doubt…

I know I am supposed to be in ministry. Tonight was the first night of my church’s Vacation Bible School. VBS is a big undertaking for most churches. There is a lot of planning, prepping and praying that goes into it. It’s hard work. It’s necessary work. It’s important work. It’s tiring work. This year,Continue reading “Without a doubt…”

Being Me in Proverbs 31

For Christian women, there is a lot of conversation that happens around being a “Proverbs 31 woman.” There is even a whole ministry dedicated to being a Godly woman of noble character. Let me just say, I find it incredibly hard to live up to that standard. Proverbs 31 – Epilogue: The Wife of NobleContinue reading “Being Me in Proverbs 31”