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10 Thing That Make a good citezen December 3, 2011

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That was the title of Professor’s project for Cub Scouts one night. He is a WeBeLo. He made quite and interesting list, so I thought I’d share… unedited.

  1. Volanteering
  2. helping ouT NeiBors and Friends
  3. rasing mony for charity
  4. Respecting OThers
  5. Be trustworty
  6. Be responsiBle
  7. RespecT mother nature – Do’nT Litter or Else
  8. Do noT Bully
  9. Use kind words Do noT cuss
  10. Be Loyal to your Family

My 9-year-old Professor January 9, 2011

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Nine years ago today I became a mommy for the first time.  I told Professor that this morning.  His response?  “And yeah, if I hadn’t been born, you wouldn’t be a mom to this large crazy family either.”  He’s right.  That’s why he’s Professor.  This kid knows stuff about stuff that I frankly don’t know (and sometimes don’t care to know) and he often says things that are spot on awesome observations about life.  He says them in a kid way, but is so often just right.

Professor is a sweet, loving, homebody kid.  He likes routine and organization, but somehow, the organizational methods he uses in his room escape my understanding.  Like most of us, he doesn’t like change and he really wants life to be predictable, understandable and stable.  He LOVES all things nature and has a sensitive spirit for plants and animals.  Professor keeps saying that “when I grow up, I’m going to have a house with (insert various animals here) and all my property with be a wildlife preserve with NO hunting or killing.  I’ll use live traps if I need them.”

Professor is also blessed to have 4 loving parents.  Four because his dad and I are divorced.  It happened when he was so young that he will never remember us being together.  We both began dating our respective spouses when he was very little, too, so all he knows is 2 sets of “mommy and daddy” that love him immeasurably.  Not all children from divorced parents have that.  He also has a bazillion grandparents that spoil him, so that’s not too bad either! 

Professor is my first-born, my beloved child, my kindred heart.  Out of all my children, he looks the most like me.  He taught me what it means to be a good mom.  He taught me what sacrifice means.  He taught me that loving someone while my whole heart is hard and every time he is gone from me, there is a piece of me that is gone. 

As Professor is now a “tween,” I wonder what the next few years will hold.  I want to keep his little boy sweetness forever, yet I already see that teenage angst coming.  I want the lovely innocence of him climbing into my lap to cuddle during a movie, yet I already see that desire to do it totally on his own without anyone’s help at all.  I want to keep my baby, but really I want him to grow up to be the man God is calling him to be.  Days like today – Professor’s birthday – I wonder what he will be like, what he will do, how he will turn out to be.  I wonder which of his childhood dreams will come true.

So Happy Birthday Professor!  May God grant the desires of your heart.  I love you the purplest!


Answered Heart Prayers February 4, 2010

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I am working with my kids on what we call “heart prayers.”  Memorized, routine prayers are fine when just learning to pray or in certain situations.  God, however, wants us to share what is in our hearts.  So when talking to my kids, we call those “heart prayers.”  Anyway, at our church, we have a meal before the Wednesday night studies.  Before the meal, those present get in a circle, hold hands and one person prays for our meal.  Last night, I asked the Professor to bless the food.  This was his prayer:

Dear God, thank you for this glorious day.  Bless this food and help it taste good to those of us who don’t like tacos.  Amen

I laughed.  Other adults laughed.  Some of the kids even laughed.  We laughed, not because it was silly,  but because his prayer was totally and utterly honest.  Professor does not like tacos.  He knew he would have to eat them and thus was asking God for help and mercy in getting through what he saw as a daunting, difficult task.

The thing is, I need to do more of the same.  When facing something we don’t want to do, we often ask God to remove that difficult task.  Maybe, instead, we should ask God to make the hard experience one that feeds us, grows us and in the end tastes like God’s goodness. 

God also wants us to ask for the desires of our heart.  Actually, he wants the desires of our heart to be His heart.  Professor asked for what he really wanted.  Whether those tacos tasted good or not, he’d have to tell you.  But what I do know is that God heard the prayers of that little boy.  He heard him cry out in frustration.  God hears us, too.  He hears us when we come to Him in honesty, desperation, frustration and joy.  He hears us when we come to Him not even knowing what to say.

This week, God is answering prayers for my family.  Not my prayers, but the prayers of my friends.  Racer is gone in Daytona and people are praying for me and the kids as we go 9 days without him at home.  I must say that God is answering those prayers.  The chaos and noise are minimal.  My stress and frustration and need to have a break are minimal.  We miss him and are handling his absence much better than usual.  So those that are praying – Thank you!

As you all read, you get to hear about me, my family, my life – the joys and the struggles.  But I want to hear about you!!  Tell me, what are you crying out for?  What prayers has God been answering in your life??


Date Night with the Professor January 23, 2010

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Tonight was a Date Night for me.  My date got to choose; we saw the chipmunk movie and went to “The Calcium King” (that’s what Racer and I call it when we want to decide in front of the kids if we want to go there or not).  As you might have guessed, my date was my 8-year-old Professor. 

For Christmas, Racer and I gave our two oldest kids gift certificates for time out with just mom or dad – alone.  Sometimes I think they get jipped when it comes to time with us.  So today, Professor turned his “date night” card into me and we went out.  It was so sweet too.  Of course I paid (after all, he doesn’t have a job as he put it) and he held open the door.  Seriously, my 8-year-old held the door for me.  We got popcorn, drinks and candy.  I chuckled; he laughed.  We shared.  He was so tired, but didn’t really want to fall asleep in the car.  We went for ice cream because that was the plan and I don’t think Professor wanted to alter his plan or miss out on the ice cream.  He looked at me with sleepy, tummy filled, loving eyes and said…

I like you.

I loved hearing him say that.  I think love is just assumed between a parent and child.  Love is something that is just there – a given that will never change.  We just know that we love each other – almost like just knowing that there will be hot lunch available at school.  Parent/child love just is…

But liking the other is another matter all together.  We may know that hot lunch will be at school, but whether we like what is served is another matter all together.  I like that my kid likes me.  I like to hear my Professor say “I like you Mommy” with all the love that is in  his heart.  I will treasure those words.

I like you, my Absent-minded Professor.  You are my favorite Professor in the whole wide world.


A post from my Big Boy… June 29, 2009

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Today we are sitting on the computer reading what Mom wrote.  And I came across this really funny one about Father’s Day.  And I smiled when the VBS one came up.  That was a really really funny time.  And I have this box turtle named Mr. Claws.  I can’t settle on a name and now I just chose Mr. Claws.  You know where we found him?  On the edge of the trail right in the middle.  He is a good box turtle.  And that’s the end of my story.  I wanna say my dads (I have 2) are good and funny.  Good bye!


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