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ABC Scavenger Hunt August 26, 2010

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This year, we are doing “school at home” with Girlie.  I am using the basic ideas found in the Letter of the Week lessons.  This week, we’re just getting used to “time for school supplies” as Girlie calls it, and reviewing ABC’s and 123’s.  As a fun thing, I planned to do an ABC Scavenger Hunt.  Since Professor has been really wanting to help homeschool his little sister, I planned the activity for when he got home from school, so that they could work together.  I thought I would share their “home” work. (Please note: The original “E” picture did not work, thus the picture of our Escape. The “G” picture is of the back/side of our grill. We are missing the “O” picture – it was a toss ring for the letter O. Also, “U” is a picture of “under”. And oh yeah, not the best picture of “momy.”)


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