January 2023 Goal Plan

Earlier I shared my 2023 goals and a little about how I developed them and why they are important in my life. My hope is to take you all along behind the scenes as I work toward these goals. Each month, I’ll share how I did the previous month and what my plan is to work on the goals for the current month. So, here’s how I hope to work toward my goals in January.

  1. Close the activity rings on my fitness app/tracker four times a week.
    • Walk during volleyball practices and down time at tournaments.
    • Have family time at the local YMCA once a week.
    • Add “Close Activity Rings” to my habit tracker.
  2. Practice journaling five times a week, using a guided journal or The Examen.
    • Purchase a new guided journal for use OR select a daily devotional with reflection questions. Begin using.
    • Add “Journaling” to my habit tracker.
  3. Host friends in our home twice a month.
    • Select two January dates for hosting kids’ friends.
    • Make plans for hosting people during the Super Bowl.
  4. Complete requirements to be an Associate Certified Coach through ICF.
    • Begin the Mentor Coaching Course.
    • Promote Coach Kris Mares goal setting coaching.
  5. Keep Sabbath one hour a day, one day a week, one weekend a quarter, and one week a year.
    • Add a daily Sabbath hour recurring event in Google calendar.
    • Determine a Sabbath retreat/weekend for January-March.
    • Add “Daily Sabbath Hour” to my habit tracker.

We’ll see how this plan for January goes! I’m trying to be realistic and not start of the new year overly ambitious (as I often am). For me, the first month of a year is often about setting up the systems, the routines to reach my goals. Setting up the systems (like the recurring Google Calendar events/tasks) helps me to automate my calendar and build in the time I need to reach my goals.

How are you planning to work toward your goals this month?

Published by Kris

Jesus follower, racing wife, mom of seven, United Methodist pastor... Trying to live a life worthy of my callings.

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