Book Review: One Faithful Promise

I’m not sure how long this book has been on my shelf. I’m not even sure where it came from. It’s small, about the size of my hand, and thin. Not much to it. And yet it for sure packs a spiritual punch. One Faithful Promise, by Magrey R. deVega, is a must read forContinue reading “Book Review: One Faithful Promise”

2023 Word of the Year

This year, important conversations kept me from thinking too much about my new word. It wasn’t even in the forefront of my mind until about a week ago. I kind of thought “hmmm… I wonder what word will be for 2023?” I thought of a few and they just didn’t stick. Then I was reading something and not a word, but a short phrase came into focus. I didn’t want THAT one. Nope. That’s not right.

Book Review: John Crist’s Delete That

As a pastor with 7 kids (John is one of 8 kids with a pastor father), I learned some lessons on how to love my children better and how to help them feel seen and heard. Those were good lessons for me. I was also reminded of the beauty of the church when we embrace the real selves of those around us (not the masks we wear).