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A Snowglobe Morning March 5, 2010

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I like snowglobes.  You shake them up and watch the “snow” fall in the village, on the family or around the world that is inside.  The snow swirls and then slowly starts to settle.  Finally, everything is still again until the next shake up.

My life was in the starting to settle point.  A recent job loss had us not knowing what our world would look like anymore.  While we still aren’t sure how everything will land, the “snow” was starting to settle just a bit.  There is peace in knowing that no matter how things fall, God is in control of it all.

This morning, the snowglobe was shaken again.  What that means, I’m not ready to say – nor do I really understand.  What I do know is that God is moving.  What I will say is that, God is doing something awesome.

So, until all the snow settles, I will enjoy the beauty of the snowfall.  I will stand in peace as my Father’s hand guides each individual snowflake to it’s destination.  I will thank Him for the beauty He allows me to see as He works out the details of my life.


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