All Moved In

So, we’ve officially moved.  Too much stuff inside a too small uHaul = a miracle.  Seriously folks, it was like the opposite of the Loaves and Fish story; God minimized the stuff.  We were so blessed by the support of our friends and church family that came out to help load and clean.  So many didn’t want to see us go, yet spent their Saturday morning and early afternoon sweating and lifting to bless us as we moved.  I didn’t cry that day (too much to do to waste time on tears), but I did later.  When I really think about it, I start to again.

The actual “moving day” was relatively a breeze too.  Left with the kids and one of the dogs and coolers of food in our family vehicle.  Racer left with the uHaul, the other dog and pulling another vehicle.  We did not travel together, for various reasons, but we both had uneventful trips.  The kids all behaved relatively well and we made good time.  We ate at “Cracker Bear” (as Girlie says) and made 2 gas stops.  Snacks in the car held us over until we got to our New Home.

Driving through the tunnels in the mountains was fun for the kids.  We rolled down the windows and honked like total tourists!  The laughter was uplifting to my spirit.  I hope our family never outgrows honking through the tunnels.  When we FINALLY arrived at our new home, Racer and a friend had already started to unload.  Everyone climbed out and explored for the first time.  Rooms were claimed, yards were run through with exclamations of “I can’t wait to explore…”  Then a late night trip to Taco Bell filled bellies.  We went home (it was strange to call it that on the first night), and got situated on mattresses on the floor.  Blue slept in her own room, all the others were with me and Racer.

The next week was hectic and the kids and I started to unpack and settle and get into a routine.  Racer was off to work each day and home to unpack and enjoy family time – it was much-needed after him working away from us all summer.  Racer’s mom came to help watch kids, unpack and help us settle in.  I have never been more thankful for her help.  I know she didn’t feel like she was much of a help, but sometimes just playing with grandkids is a HUGE help.  Then I was able to get things put away – and think about where I wanted them – without kid needs constantly pulling me away.  Having Racer’s mom here also allowed me to get out and run some of the errands and make some of the calls that I needed to do the first week.  Appointments, utilities, “stuff” to get situated that is quicker without small children in tow.  She also helped us out with beautiful gifts of a restocked pantry, dressers for the kids and school stuff for the upcoming school year.  I’m learning more and more to better understand the way that this woman shows love to her family.

Since then, we continue to get settled into our new home.  And yes, it really does feel like home.  We miss our former community, church family and friends.  This house is making a new home for us.  The kids have space, we all feel comfortable and have settled in.  I am thoroughly enjoying having a clothes line to dry our laundry.  The kids have spent so much more time outside in our yard than ever before.  They call the cows behind us, chase the chickens next door, climb trees and find all kinds of creatures – toads, frogs, beetles, praying mantis’, caterpillars…  Even the dogs are enjoying the extra room to run.

I will say that God is not done with this moving story yet though.  We’ve had some surprises and some great blessings since we’ve been here and we know that God is still up to something.  What that is only He knows right now.  Until then, I learn to patiently wait on HIS timing as His timing is perfect and mine is not.

P.S.  My school year goal is to blog 3x a week.  Check back often, or subscribe to get updates!

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Jesus follower, racing wife, mom of seven, United Methodist pastor... Trying to live a life worthy of my callings.

One thought on “All Moved In

  1. I loved the post. Being a military family, we move often. It is sad and exciting at the same time. But it is awesome to see God work through us in each new place He brings us. May God bless your journey!

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