Walking While I’m Waiting

We are a busy family and we are on the go a LOT! Since the youngest 5 aren’t driving yet, that means that I am driving from here to there and everywhere. I spend a lot of time in the car. Since I also have a more sedentary job, I spend a lot of time sitting. All the sitting is not good for my health, not good at all.

But how can I fit in enough time to really get in my exercise? I was pondering that one day as I was sitting on the sidelines at one of my kids’ practices. I’m sure it was a lovely day and I was sitting there, waiting, scrolling my phone. And then it occurred to me.

I can walk while I wait. I can walk around the field. I can walk around the parking lot. I can walk around the blocks. I can walk while I wait.

And so now, I do just that much of the time. When the weather is good, instead of just sitting there watching practice or mindlessly scrolling my phone, I walk. I’ve done it in dress shoes, workout sneakers, fashion sneakers, sandals. I’ve walked around and around and around. I’ve made kids walk with me. I’ve talked on the phone while walking. I’ve listened to music or an audiobook while I walked. I’ve even listened to webinars while I walked. 

It seems like such a simple thing, walking while I wait. It has a great impact on my overall health. Just today, after a routine appointment and bloodwork, my doctor sent a message that everything looked good and my A1C was stable and is even trending downward! All good news.

I wonder what other simple habits would have an overall big impact? Maybe you don’t need to begin to walk while you wait. Maybe you might listen to a book while you walk or commute to work. Maybe you can knit or crochet while you watch tv. Maybe you can pray while you wait at stoplights or take the stairs instead of the elevator. As Erin from Simple Purposeful Living says, “small things done on purpose have big impact.”

What habit might you develop while you are waiting?

Published by Kris

Jesus follower, racing wife, mom of seven, United Methodist pastor... Trying to live a life worthy of my callings.

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