Book Review: The Next Right Thing

If it is possible to read a book “wrong,” then I read The Next Right Thing wrong. I suppose it was read in the wrong order, to be more precise. A year ago, I started using The Next Right Thing Guided Journal. I needed something to help me be intentional about thinking through my time and some decisions. Because I like Emily P. Freeman‘s work, I thought I’d give her guided journal a try. I liked it enough I decided to use it again (I start it in the fall) and knew I wanted to read the actual book too.

So, I bought The Next Right Thing and reading it was a balm for my soul. During a life season when I was leading a church through a hard decision, The Next Right Thing kept me grounded as a leader. And Emily‘s prayers are just so… honest. She shares real stories from her real life; the appropriate vulnerability gave me the courage to do the same.

And have I already said it? I just love her writing. Gentle. Kind. Firm pushes in just the right places. And it helps that she lives not too far from me and I can picture the North Carolina weather and scenery that she so aptly describes. But back to the book.

The Next Right Thing is good read for seasons where decisions need to be made, but maybe you aren’t really sure you want to make them or how you’ll begin to wrap your head (or your heart) around it all. The book has short “chapters” that can easily be read one a day, or every couple of days to allow processing time. If you want to use the guided journal, that works. If not, a regular journal would do. There are some reflective tasks and some really direct tasks that can help think through that thing before you. All with the guidance of that sweet aunt who listens to you, makes you hot cocoa, and speaks lived truth that guides you in the right direction.

The Next Right Thing is a book that I will go back to. And actually, it started as a podcast, so if you’re one who likes that media form, you might rather listen to it! And for the next nine months (I’ve already used this one 3 months), the guided journal will help me intentionally reflect on my life, my schedule, and my goals.

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Jesus follower, racing wife, mom of seven, United Methodist pastor... Trying to live a life worthy of my callings.

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