Family Night

Lately, we’ve been trying to enjoy family nights when we can.  Doing something TOGETHER, as a family, when we all can be doing the same thing.  So many nights it seems that we are fractured – little kids playing, someone on the computer, another on the phone, another watching tv, someone else doing chores…  we’re all in the same house yet not interacting.  We’re all busy doing our own thing.

So Friday night, we watched Evan Almighty and ate popcorn.  And yes, we all watched it.  Gorilla did go to be 1/2 way through, but sat through part of the movie.  Blue and Professor watched the whole thing.  Girlie sat with Racer and vacillated between watching and playing a Bible character card game.  The movie was such a good choice for our family right now (good pick Racer).  In Evan Almighty, the main family just moved and ask God for some powerful things.  Then, God asks Evan to do something radical.  God asks Evan to build an ark.

The kids don’t understand.  The wife doesn’t understand.  What does building an ark have to do with anything of importance in today’s world?  How does that make sense with family?  Really, the main point is one of obedience.  Will Evan obey even when he looks totally crazy to his family and the rest of the world.  Even when the odds seem to be against him, will he obey?  When he obeys, what will happen?

Don’t we all have those same kind of questions?  You want me to do what God?  How’s that gonna work?  What about my family?  What will others think?  So how is that really gonna work?  We question and question, but do we obey?  We ask God for something, but will we obey when He gives us the route to get there?

In a scene in Evan Almighty, the character of God is speaking to Evan’s wife.  The character of God asks “If someone asks for patience, do they get patience or the opportunity to be patient?  If someone asks for a close-knit family, do they get that or do they get the opportunity to grow close together?”  Interesting point.  We ask God for so many things in life but do we see and obey when He is giving us the chance to grow and shift and change into what we asked for?

So at the end of the movie is my favorite scene ever – Evan and the character of God dancing together.  When we obey, we can enjoy the fellowship and joy that is found in a relationship with God.  When we obey, we find ourselves on the other side of the trials, recognizing God’s love and grace and dancing in the delight of our Father.

So what did our family do?  We danced.  You heard me (well I guess read…), we danced.  Right there in the living room with no curtains at night so anyone looking into our window could see us dancing like no one was watching.  Blue danced.  Professor danced.  Girlie danced.  Racer danced.  I danced.  Together, as a family, we delighted in the gift of family and love that God has given us.  We needed that.

Thank you God for helping us obey and teaching us through the times that are really hard.  As we continue to seek Your Will for our lives, help us obey in each step and dance in delight at the gifts you bring us.

Published by Kris

Jesus follower, racing wife, mom of seven, United Methodist pastor... Trying to live a life worthy of my callings.

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