Adoption Story… part 5

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It was time – time to tell Blue about “our plans.”  Racer and I were nervous.  We didn’t know what she’d say.  We didn’t know if she’d want to be a part of our family.  We didn’t know how she’d respond. 

The morning started out with a meeting of workers (lots of meetings).  Then when all agreed to move forward, Blue’s worker would drive out to the Foster’s house and tell her.  We didn’t get to be there.  We’d follow behind and arrive a little later.  Professor was visiting family and Girlie and Gorilla were at a friend’s house.  (This friend, by the way, grew up having foster brothers and sisters.  Isn’t God’s design wonderful?)  We got a call that we could come out to the Fosters.

Blue was crying and in shock.  She didn’t know what to say or how to say it.  She couldn’t quite believe it was true.  Blue had been here before – facing a family that wanted to adopt her.  Unfortunately id didn’t work out with those 2 different families.  We know this time would be different.  Blue didn’t, so of course she approached the situation with some reserve.  She was still excited and nervous and shocked.  We asked if she would like to come spend the afternoon and evening with us and she agreed.

That afternoon, we just “chilled” at home.  Nothing fancy.  We ate, cleaned up and spent a regular evening like we always would.  After the little kids were in bed, I took Blue home.  She still couldn’t believe what was happening.  I explained the plan for her to spend increasing amounts of time with our family – day visits, overnights, weekends, a week-long trip to see family.  Blue understood and I dropped her off to sleep in her bed at the Fosters.  She didn’t want to go back, but understood why.  Blue just wanted to transition NOW.

While professor was visiting family, I called him and let him know we had a new child that would be moving into our house.  He was very excited about having a new sibling.  When I told him it was Blue, I could almost hear him jumping up and down.  Professor couldn’t have been happier!

The visits went well and at the end of July 2009, Blue moved into our home.  She didn’t have that much stuff.  Some belongings that were special to her.  Some jewelry, books and clothes.  We did school clothes shopping – what an experience!  Blue does NOT like to shop for clothes.  We got information switched at school started.  Things did not always go smoothly.  There were times that were definitely challenging.  Racer and I handled them though and we did it as a team. 

Now, on  to getting everything finalized…

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