So, I do Swagbucks.  It’s a really easy way for me to earn some free stuff.  I choose to earn the Amazon.com gift cards, but there are A LOT of things to choose from.  Some people have asked me what Swagbucks are.  Here’s my take on it.

Swagbucks is a search engine that randomly awards “swagbucks” to you for doing online searches. There are also daily ways that you can win sb’s – taking a daily poll, downloading and using the SB toolbar, clicking through (but not filling out) that day’s “no obligation special offers” and checking to see if you have any eligible surveys. Taking the eligible surveys can also award you swagbucks.

Some people really go all out trying to win swagbucks (the points awarded). I don’t. I do the daily things (takes about 1 minute) and then go about my day like normal.  I have Swagbucks set as my home page and I have downloaded the toolbar.  When I want to go to my “regular sites” like email, Facebook, message boards, blogs, etc., instead of typing in the address or using favorites, I just type the site name into the SB search box.  Everyday I earn sb’s for at least one, usually 2, of those sites. If I’m doing a search on something, I don’t use google, I use the SB search box. I try to make it easy.  We also have four people using the same computer, so I have also asked my family to use the SB’s search box instead of going to another search engine.  Sometimes they let me know that they to have gotten “some of those bucks things.”

I also check in for surveys that I can take.  Those are totally hit or miss and sometimes you start one and get kicked off.  No biggie.  People who are REALLY into Swagbucks go all out in doing the special offers and such.  I’ve done a few, but for the most part, I’m not interested in signing up for stuff, earning the sb’s and then cancelling.  I don’t have that kind of time or brain power to keep up with doing something like that.

You can also connect Swagbucks to your social media account like Facebook.  On occasion, you will see a special “code” that can be entered onto the homepage for additional sb’s.  The codes are hit or miss too as they do have a time frame.  Some people do a really great job of hunting for these codes.  Me, if I get one I get one; if not, no big deal.  I do appreciate a good code, but I’m not going to spend all day searching for them. 

So as you earn sb’s you’ll see the number accumulate in your toolbar.  You can use those sb’s toward any of the items in the Swag Store.  When you have 450 sb’s, you can “cash them in” for a $5 Amazon.com gift card. It’ll take a week or so to be delivered via email.  You then just load the gift card # into your Amazon account and your ready to go!  This is what I prefer to do as I can then use what I “earned,” toward all kinds of stuff.

If you decide to join, and use my referral link  (please), I will also earn the first 1000 sb’s that you earn. That helps me out. If you have people join under you, you get to earn the first 1000 sb’s they earn. It helps accumulate sb’s faster.  Some people go crazy trying to get referrals as it does help you earn more faster.  I’m trying to be upfront about this to you so you know that you are not just earning for yourself, but also for the person who “referred” you.  Here is my link if you would like to use it – Kris’s referral link.

So, that’s my take on Swagbucks.  Thus far, since the summer, I’ve earned about $40.  Not a ton as I know people who earn that amount in one month.  For me though, it’s “free” money that I’m not doing a lot to earn.  I just search like normal.  The big thing is remembering to stay logged into the SB toolbar and using Swagbucks as your search engine. 

Let me know – do you do Swagbucks?  If so, what works for you?  Enjoy your swagging!

Published by Kris

Jesus follower, racing wife, mom of seven, United Methodist pastor... Trying to live a life worthy of my callings.

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