Why I haven’t been blogging…

In case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t really been blogging lately. I don’t have writers block. I actually have a lot to say. There has been sooooooooo much going on in our lives lately. Some good, some not so good and some is still to be determined. I’ve had some great mommy moments and some that I’m not very proud of. I’ve had some totally great conversations, yet felt like I missed the moment on others. And through it all, God has been working in ways that I don’t yet understand.

The other blogging issue I struggle with is how much to share. If you know me, you know the real names of my kids. If you are a random stranger, you’ll see that the only “real” name here is mine. I don’t suppose you would have to be a rocket scientist to figure out other names, but this is the internet, this is public and I try to maintain a sense of privacy and protection for my family. I try very hard NOT to say anything terribly negative or embarrassing about my spouse or children. So some of our struggles will be veiled for their privacy and my desire to build them up publically.

Last, I’ve got a little bit of age-defined ADD at the moment I think!

I don’t have a lack of ideas swirling in my head – I have too many! I have some great blogging ideas and just can’t seem to get any of them nailed down and “on paper.” I vacillate between domestic goddess, aspiring writer, lazy oaf, tired momma and a whole slew of things in between. I try to be productive in my day, but I know I spend waaayyy too much time doing stuff that just wastes time. While I accomplish a lot on the vast majority of days (3 meals for 6-7 people, everyone dressed and relatively healthy is big in my opinion), I know that I still waste a lot of time. And when I do that, I just get in a funk of wasting time.

So, I guess I need a little help in this blogging thing. I often wonder what people even like reading about. Do you like the cooking adventures? (I’ve had a LOT of them lately.) Do you like the family stories? Do you like the faith stuff? Do you like the randomness here and there? What do you like to read about?

Published by Kris

Jesus follower, racing wife, mom of seven, United Methodist pastor... Trying to live a life worthy of my callings.

2 thoughts on “Why I haven’t been blogging…

  1. Kris-

    Since we live so far away, I get to know you & your family. I enjoy all of your blogs, especially the faith stuff. I believe it not only causes me to think, but to grow spiritually.

  2. Hi Kris!
    I’ll chime in and say, I love your stories on family, faith, AND cooking!
    You seem to “seamlessly” intrigate your life well on paper. Keep writing and see where God leads you, my friend. You are terrific!

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