31 Days of Drawing Near To God

I received the book 31 Days of Drawing Near to God for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. The book, by Ruth Myers, was previously released as The Satisfied Heart.

What I most appreciated about this daily devotional guide was that the author began with her own testimony. The first 32 pages chronicles her story of faith, love, loss and full reliance on God. I found myself drawn into Ms. Myers’ life and the faith she relied on and found as she moved through the journey of her life. From young love, to parenthood, to losing a spouse and becoming a single parent, to years of service while waiting on God, the lessons she learned are in the pages of this book to share with us. Read an excerpt of her story here.

Each day features 4-5 pages of easy reading. Ms. Myers’ commentary begins the reading and a prayer ends the reading. The commentary is full of scripture with each day listing “God’s words of love for me today.” These are the verses mentioned and/or included in the daily reading.

If you are interested in having this devotional book, please leave a comment and share how you make spending intimate time with God a priority? How do you fit it into your schedule? How do you deal with distractions? (Can you tell I need some tips? Still struggling with this area of my life.)

Published by Kris

Jesus follower, racing wife, mom of seven, United Methodist pastor... Trying to live a life worthy of my callings.

One thought on “31 Days of Drawing Near To God

  1. Hi Kris!
    For me, personally, it’s about being intentional about every area of my life be devoted to God, every day. So, that means I spend time with him at random times throughout the day. Seeking Him, praising HIM (by singing and with words), acknowledging HIM, praying outloud with my children, praying with my husband, and finding several minutes a day, a few times a day or more to concentrate, meditate and continually point my heart toward the heart of our father in heaven and our savior Jesus Christ.

    It might sound like it takes a lot of time to do that but really it’s about the Holy Spirit in constant communion with Jesus through me and I’m just pausing repeatedly throughout the day to tune in and respond. hth’s

    Thanks for sharing this review today! I praise God for your boldness and for using this forum to glorify our almighty savior and Lord! ♥

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