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10 Thing That Make a good citezen December 3, 2011

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That was the title of Professor’s project for Cub Scouts one night. He is a WeBeLo. He made quite and interesting list, so I thought I’d share… unedited.

  1. Volanteering
  2. helping ouT NeiBors and Friends
  3. rasing mony for charity
  4. Respecting OThers
  5. Be trustworty
  6. Be responsiBle
  7. RespecT mother nature – Do’nT Litter or Else
  8. Do noT Bully
  9. Use kind words Do noT cuss
  10. Be Loyal to your Family

One Response to “10 Thing That Make a good citezen”

  1. Kelly Says:

    AMEN! Great List!!!

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