My prayer for Jon and Kate

I, along with a friend, have felt called to pray for Jon and Kate Gosselin.  You may know them from the TLC reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8.  There has been a firestorm surrounding them lately.  Their marriage is in trouble.  I have been there.  I understand the feelings.  I understand the hurt and the pain and the disappointment.  Please join me in praying for their hearts, their marriage and the Glory of God. 

If we can overwhelm Jon and Kate with mail using this prayer (or one of your own) that would be fabulous.  At time of post, their website ( was down.  But feel free to copy and past the f0llowing prayer for them into a message and use the title “Our Prayer for You.”  I imagine they are inundated with ugly words right now.  If they get a lot of emails with the same title, I hope they will take notice, read, and feel loved.  Please pray with me…

God, I lift Jon and Kate Gosselin up to You.  I thank You for designing them, for bringing them together.  I thank You for their infertility that led to twins and sextuplets.  I thank You that You have used the curiosity of the world to provide for their family.  I thank You that You have been able to use the avenue of television to show the world that families can and do love You– together.  Right now, God, Jon and Kate are hurting.  Their marriage is in chaos and they don’t know what will happen and where they will go.  So God, I pray right now for Your power and love and grace and mercy to pour into the hearts of Jon and Kate and to pour into their marriage.  I pray that You reveal yourself to each of them in a mighty way.  Reveal your love, but also show them their sin.  Show them how they have turned from You.  Show them forgiveness.  Through that, God, I know that your desire is to restore their marriage and make it more beautiful than it ever has been.  I pray God, that You are in the midst of their struggle and that You remove Satan from every corner of their hearts and of their home.  I pray that through all of this, YOU are glorified.  I pray that “God moments” are filmed and that those moments make it through to the final production of the show.  I pray that Jon and Kate have the courage to publicly turn to You and then to publicly proclaim how good You are.  I pray that you use their marriage – the ugly and the restoration to beautiful – to heal other’s marriages and to bring Your beauty back into the public institution of marriage.  God I pray that Jon and Kate are overwhelmed by love and that You place a bubble around them and their family.  Let that bubble protect them from the evil words, the ugly photos, the hurtful stories.  I pray that only YOUR TRUTH is able to penetrate into their hearts.  God I pray that many others will lift up prayers for Jon and for Kate.  I thank You.  I love You.  I ask that you grant this prayer so that all glory and praise returns to You.  In the powerful name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen

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Jesus follower, racing wife, mom of seven, United Methodist pastor... Trying to live a life worthy of my callings.

6 thoughts on “My prayer for Jon and Kate

  1. Thank you for posting this prayer. I believe that there is power in prayer and I will also post a prayer on my blog. I will add your blog to my blogroll. Please add mine to yours. Thank you

  2. The media and a lot of the hate bloggers have been especially cruel to Jon and Kate. They are human and humans make mistakes. “Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.” Apparently a lot of people feel they are so perfect that they can cast judgement. Jon and Kate and their beautiful children need our prayers now. They need to pull together to save their family. It can happen, we just need to keep them in our prayers.

  3. I think that it is so sad that Jon and Kate are being attacked by the press and people are blindly believing them and attacking Jon and Kate as well. No one really knows what is going on behind the scenes at their house and in their marriage execpt that family. I think that instead of just saying “well, their bad parents because…” why don’t we put ourselves into their shoes. How many people have one or two children and think “I don’t know how I can keep doing it?” Add six more to that and see how well you hold up.

    Sure, Jon and Kate have their problems and their issues that they need to work on, but don’t we all? I know that I do. They don’t need people who are uninformed people tearing them down. They need to be built up and prayed for like people on this site.

    Thank you Kris for posting this. I really hope that Jon and Kate see that prayer and find encouragment with that. I know that with God at their side, he can help them through this trouble and bless them beyond anyone’s belief.

    God Bless you Jon and Kate!

  4. I affirm this prayer . I have been lifting you all up in prayer for a long time and feel that many others have too. We tend to get wiser as we get older. You are still young and so are your children. Please do not allow media and even well intentioned friends to advise you in a way that could set you on a course that turns into more of he says, she says. God says. God is the one who can heal and does heal and for whom nothing is impossible. He is in the business of redeeming people in situations. He can make you able. Your children are so beautiful. While money is needed to raise them, much of what is needed to raise them will not be bought. God Bless.

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