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Puzzle Pieces… June 23, 2010

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This past weekend at a family friend’s house, Blue worked on a puzzle.  That girl WORKED that puzzle and would not stop until it was done.  On the way home, she said something so profound – I’m not sure she realized how profound it really was.

Blue said that while she was praying, she got this vision of a person working a puzzle.  They worked so hard to put it all together and then, when it was complete, they went to carry it and everything fell apart.  Then, Blue said she asked God if He would carry the completed puzzle.  If He would place His hands under ours so that when we mess up and all our hard work falls apart – as it often does – that His capable and strong hands are there to keep everything together.

Profound for a teenager huh?  That’s what I thought too.

As I’ve been thinking about this, Blue is so right.  We work and work and work to complete some picture of what life is supposed to be like.  And then, when we think we have it all together, it starts to unravel.  But, when we can just close our eyes and allow God to guide our hands in the placement of the pieces, the picture turns out far different than we thought.  And because God pieced it together, we can trust that His hands are underneath, carrying us to completion.  Carrying the completed “project” so that nothing can mess it up. 

The kicker is that we have to give up control.  Trust me, I KNOW how hard that is.  I’m working on it as we speak.  I will say though, that as I allow my hand to be guided by His, that the pressure to find just the perfect piece to fit so perfectly diminishes.  The stress of needing to finish everything in a timely manner lessens.

So, I guess I have something to learn from my daughter.  Shhh… don’t tell her.


2 Responses to “Puzzle Pieces…”

  1. Reen Says:

    Oh Kris, thanks a million for sharing this!
    I simply must share it EVERYWHERE!

    Praise God for you and your “Blue” 🙂

  2. Chuck Says:

    Great post. It was good to see you at church this eve.

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