Weird Eaters and Lentil Soup

My kids are weird eaters.  I don’t get it.  They LOVE chicken nuggets and all that unhealthy kids stuff that we parents feed them when we are busy and need something quick.  My youngest 3 are TOTAL bread eaters too.  Rolls, biscuits, bread sticks – they want to eat that and nothing else when we serve it.

When it comes to healthy stuff, they are picky as all get out.  No tomatoes, no corn with 2 of them, no peas with a different 2, fruit is a mixed bag (seriously, they end up exchanging mixed fruit pieces…).  Making a meal that is healthy and that EVERYONE like is a challenge (and that includes Racer, he is the most picky of them all)!

So tonight for dinner, I made Lentil Soup with dumplings.  I used this recipe with some modifications – Lentil and Vegetable Soup with Dumplings.  I didn’t have carrots or celery, so I left those out.  I only had dried onions, so I used those.  I used whole wheat flour.  I’m trying to save money, be frugal and clean out my pantry (since we will FINALLY be moving) and I’m using what I’ve got!

So I made it and the little kids LOVED IT!  Gorilla and Girlie – who typically love bread stuff – wouldn’t touch the dumplings, but had 2 bowls of lentil soup.  Blue said she like it – and that was after a hard day of weeding the flower bed.  I had 2 bowls with dumplings.  We put either parmesan or shredded colby-jack on it because we are a cheese loving family.

I’m not sure how Racer and Professor will react when I make it again.  I think both will like the dumplings (which turned out GREAT – far better than the last time I made them).  I guess we’ll just have to see.  Anyway, I have enough lentils left to make another batch before we move.  I’m glad to have found something healthy that most if not all will eat.  I’m sure if I put the carrots and celery in though, that will ruin it for several (what’s this stuff?), so I think I’ll just leave those out from now on.

Who knew cleaning out the pantry and lentil soup would be so good?

P.S.  As I was cleaning out the pantry, I also found multiple un-opened jars of baking powder, opened cans of spices and lots of things that I never use.  We all need to go through our cabinets like we are moving every once in a while.  You never know what you might find.

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