Crocheting with Dave

This year, I set a goal of making gifts for people for special occasions. A couple of years ago, my mom had taught me a simple crochet pattern and how to follow a written pattern for other items. Since I was still in graduate school, I didn’t really have time to do much crocheting. But this year, with graduation complete, I had set a goal to crochet. And, with a renewed focus on Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps, I am determined to keep at it.

So I got my chance. A new acquaintance is having a baby. I was invited to a small shower for her and in lieu of running out and buying something, I gave her a card, telling her I’d love to make her something that coordinated with the nursery. She shared the colors of the nursery and I got to crocheting.

I learned a couple of things: it’s hard to match colors, it took longer than I anticipated and I have to pay more attention. I messed up something in the middle of the blanket (counted a row wrong) that showed up at the end of the pattern. It worked out but the blanket’s not perfect. Then again, neither am I.

So, I’ll send the imperfect blanket. It will still keep the baby warm. More importantly though, I know that my prayers asking for God’s protection and blessing as the baby is being “crocheted” together in his mother’s womb were heard.

And I learned that listening to Dave Ramsey podcasts while crocheting is a great way to stay focused on goals.

Next crocheting projects? Stocking hats for Project AGAPE Christmas boxes, dish clothes to sell and give as gifts, and an orange blanket for a special 6-year-old. My mom, Dave, my grandmother and my inner wannabe homesteader should be proud.

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