Ten Mom Memories

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are ten memories of or with my mom. They aren’t in any particular order because I don’t think I can choose a favorite. These just happen to be my ten favorite today. Watching her play “motorboat, motorboat” in the water with my kids. Going to lots and lots ofContinue reading “Ten Mom Memories”

Saturday Morning

It’s 10:06 on Saturday morning. I’m still in my pj’s as are the 2 youngest children. It rained last night and is supposed to rain most of the day. The plans I had for “fun” aren’t going to happen. A laundry basket just came flying down the stairs. The owner picked it up and promptlyContinue reading “Saturday Morning”

Public Meltdowns

Yes, I have a two-year-old. Yes, two-year-olds are developmentally prone to meltdowns. Yes, Gorilla, who is two, did not want to share, wanted his way and proceeded to have a meltdown. In public. Here’s what happened… I took Girlie, Gorilla and the baby to the health department for an appointment. They each picked a toyContinue reading “Public Meltdowns”

How does your Valentine “hear” love?

It’s Valentine’s Day and everyone (well, most everyone) is celebrating love. For those of us with spouses, significant others or children, learning how to love the “right” way can be hard. Racer and I love very differently. We “speak” and “hear” love in very different ways. The idea of Love Languages by Gary Chapman helpedContinue reading “How does your Valentine “hear” love?”

Law to Help Nursing Mothers

Your Career: Law to help nursing mothers – Business – Careers – msnbc.com. I just came across this article. It’s the first I’ve heard of this effort to make “pumping at work” easier for breastfeeding mothers. I am lucky enough that for Girlie and Gorilla, I was able to take them to work with meContinue reading “Law to Help Nursing Mothers”

A Baby Story

On Tuesday, my last baby was delivered.  I say last, because, unless God does a miracle, this will be the last baby I grow inside of me.  Baby boy (still working on a nickname) was welcomed into the world by me, Racer, Blue, Professor, Girlie, Gorilla, my parents, Racer’s mother and grandmother.  He is alreadyContinue reading “A Baby Story”

Prayer for my Baby

Heavenly Father- Today is the day, you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!!  Today is the day, you have chosen for my baby to join the world!  And even though we will meet this baby for the first time, you already know the number of hairs on his head today andContinue reading “Prayer for my Baby”

Lovely Baby Shower

A couple of days ago, I was the recipient of a lovely baby shower.  The church my family attends was the host.  When I was asked if they could throw a shower for us, I was really surprised!  It’s our 5th child, we have sooooo much we’ve saved and we have only been attending for aboutContinue reading “Lovely Baby Shower”

Dear Birth Mother,

Dear Birth Mother, Our daughter recently celebrated a birthday.  As we celebrated, I wonder if you remember her and think about the day she was born?  Do you remember holding her as a newborn, smelling her head, counting her fingers and toes?  As  I think about our daughter now, I so wonder what that momentContinue reading “Dear Birth Mother,”

Teach Them to Your Children

Last night and today I’ve been thinking about how we pass our faith onto our children.  I was a part of a message board discussion started by a professed “non-believer.”  The question posed was aimed at Atheists/Agnostics and asked how to answer God questions that arise from children.  I weighed in on the discussion, notContinue reading “Teach Them to Your Children”