17 Years and Counting

In 17 years, Bill and I have weathered two moves, adding 6 children to our family, a debt-free journey, being on WIC and food stamps, 2 kids graduating high school, 20 different jobs between us, my journey through seminary and ordination, several private family struggles (which aren’t open for internet disclosure), 3 grandparent deaths, about 6 car accidents, the planning and execution of a 16 day family camping trip with 8 of us in a 30′ travel trailer, 17 years of NASCAR racing travel (9 of those in the exhausting Cup Series), countless sports practices and events, 6 different public schools with our kids, and more dead fish than we can count.

Book Review: Reclaiming Church

I remember watching a young man, college age, giving a passionate plea to share Jesus. To share Jesus with college students, with the outsiders, with people different than myself. He was pleading for my church, The United Methodist Church, to be a place of inclusion for all people. I remember I cried hearing his wordsContinue reading “Book Review: Reclaiming Church”

2022 Goal Check in and May Plan

April has come and gone. It was busier than I hoped it would be, fuller of life than I anticipated, and it went by fast it seems. As I look forward to May and the celebrations it brings for my family, I’m taking time to pause and reflect on my goal progress during April. BelowContinue reading “2022 Goal Check in and May Plan”

Book Review: White Fragility

This book was for me. And if you consider yourself a white progressive, it might just be for you too. I believe that white progressives cause the most daily damage to people of color. I define a white progressive as any white person who thinks he or she is not racist, or is less racist,Continue reading “Book Review: White Fragility”